We just had a last minute job in Europe come up and I will be out of town from Friday Nov 15th until around the end Nov or beginning of Dec.
I will be able to drop ship anything our distributors carry and will try to do so quickly. 
Brit will be able to ship anything we have on the shelf until she flies out in about a week. 
Any other orders we will try to take care of as quickly as possible once we return. 





Engine Management & Tuning Tools


Bosch knock sensor kit


This is a bosch wide frequency knock sensor that can be used for the knock link G4 knock light, aftermarket engine management knock control and DIY detcans.
It includes the sensor and a connector kit with crimp terminals.

Price: $55.00

MegaSquirtPNP G2 T8590 for the 85-89 Toyota 4AGE and 22RE


MegaSquirtPNP Gen 2

Plug-N-Play Standalone Engine Management System


MegaSquirtPNP Model #T8590 Features

Fits several Toyota applications, all USDM with manual transmission:

Price: $799.00

DIYPNP Nippon Denso 76pin Unassembled Kit (4AGE Silvertop and Blacktop)


This DIYPNP N76 Connector kit can be built for a wide variety of Japanese and American cars from the 90's. Based on the MicroSquirt Module board, this ECU kit packs lots of features and lots of processing power.


Available Features / Technical Specifications

Based on MS2/E Firmware Version 3.2.1 or later

Price: $490.00

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