Over the last couple years the priorities in my life have changed. Had Matrix Garage grown big enough to hire enough employees and leave them to running it while I pursued other things I would have happily taken that route but it has generally stayed just big enough to keep me working overtime. 
I have decided to start focusing my carreer and passions elsewhere and that means that supporting the AW, AE, 4A and related communities has had to be moved much lower on the priority list. I have decided to keep the store up to provide parts that only we offer, or other things that are hard to come by elsewhere. You will notice many big name, readily available products have been taken down and we will continue to do so. It's just not worth our time trying to compete with the big corporations selling at cutthroat prices and it just takes up more of my time. 
I will try to keep providing those parts that we make or that we have developed and sell as a service to the community but understand that now this is something I do in my spare time because I don't want to leave people hanging. 
I try to make shipments and process orders at least twice a week. If you want Amazon next day shipping buy from Amazon. I will do my best to keep order time and customer service at a reasonable level but have some understanding. I am not making money on this and it takes away from my other work and other issues that are very important to me right now. 
I have always wanted to make our designs and other information open source and available to the community but to do so properly would take a lot of time making sure that models and drawings were complete, accurate, or properly described. To go through everything and make sure it was something that I felt comfortable releasing to the community. I would love to find someone who was willing to help me do this. Someone in engineering school or passionate about this to help go through 3D scans, CAD designs, and information to prepare it. If you are interested feel free to email me. 




AW11 MR2 Parts and Accessories


MG E51 AW11 supercharged axles


After a long wait we finally have E51 supercharged axles for the AW11. 
These are stronger than OEM, rated at 425 WHP but should take a good bit more on a car that isn't hammered on regularly. 

We can get a stronger version with a stronger outer joint making them good for 600+ but it would also require a different outer hub. 
Lifetime warranty on hard parts. Does not cover boots or shiping. 


Price: $745.00

Shifter side bushing and bearing kit



This kit containes a replacement spherical bearing for the right side shifter cable and a delrin bushing for the left side shifter cable. If the stock components are worn this can make a big difference in reducing shifter play. The Delrin bushing may be a little tight at first but should loosen up quickly. Dry silicone or teflon spray can help too. 
We have found a c clamp works perfect for pressing the bushing into the bore but anything like channel locs or other methods should work as well. 

Price: $48.00

Inner axle bolt E51 AW11 supercharged, E153 SW20 turbo


Titanium Grade 5 axle bolts with safety wire holes. 
The most common reason for axle bolt failure is some or all of the bolts coming loose enough to where acceleration torque applies shear force directly to the bolts. When properly torqued it should be nearly impossible for the bolts to break. 
We have had these bolts made with safety wire holes to add one more level of security to keep the bolts from coming loose. If done properly this is one of the best ways to secure bolts and ensure they don't come loose. 

Price: $60.00

Techna-Fit Stainless Steel Clutch line 1985-1989 TOYOTA MR2



  • All of our clutch lines are single lines made of stainless steel braided hose with a variety of hose ends.
  • This line replaces only the OEM rubber flex line NOT the hard line.
  • The length of the hose and ends will vary for each specific application.
  • Bolts and washers are included if required.
  • Our stainless steel braided lines can be made with in variety of PVC protective hose covering: No Cover, Clear, Smoke, Black, Blue & Red, for NO extra charge!
Price: $25.00

C60 C160 and other FWD to AW11 transmission adapter kit


We no longer sell this with the Toyota seals. It's just not worth ordering and then reshipping. This is now only the machined adapter. It is inteneded to be use with 
Dust Boot 33531-17010
Oil seal 90310-15002
Last we tried both were still available through Toyota. 

This is a seal retainer kit that allows you to convert a FWD transmission to work with the AW11. 

Price: $80.00

Shift base bushings


These Delrin shifter base bushings replace the soft rubber bushings and firm up the shifter removing all play from the shifter base.

Price: $28.00

AW11 front motor mount weld in reinforcement plate


This plate gets welded to the chassis where the front motor mount anchors. With time and or hard driving it is common for the mount bolts to rip out of the chassis. This plate will prevent this from happening.

Price: $40.00

4AGE code reading tool


This is a diagnostic and code reading tool that has been made specifically for the 4AGE. It works on the AW11, AE86 and any other car running a 4AGE with the stock ECU.
This tool has been designed to be ultra compact. You will barely notice it in your glovebox and can even keep it in your ash tray or wallet if you find yourself doing a lot of diagnostics.
It is also highly customizeable. It can be used for many other makes and models and even many other uses. Such as holding loose papers together.

Price: $25.00

AW11 motor mount set


We are transitionining to 3D printed inserts that give us the ability to have more control over flex and vibration damping characteristics. We are also working to have these files and data available to the public soon for anyone who has a 3D printer. If you would like to try printing your own let us know. 

Price: $180.00

Shifter cable bushings


Temporarily out of stock


This kit contains two spherical bushings that will remove all the slop in the old rubber bushings.

This will give the shifter a much tighter more responsive feel.

The rubber washers will help keep dust out and will center the bushing on the pin.


Price: $4,200.00


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