16v 4AGE Largeport and Smallport


Fidanza 4AGE adjustable timing gear


Adjustable timing gear for 16v 4AGEs.
Price is for one gear.
Available in silver, red or blue.

Price: $105.00

TVIS shaft seals


These are the seals for the TVIS plate shaft. This can be a common source for intake leaks and high idle.
Comes in a set of 2 seals

Price: $15.00

Gates racing timing belt.


Gates' timing belts offer a precision fit with easy installation and no interference engine damage - exactly what you've come to expect from the worldwide leader in timing belts. 
- Tensile cord reinforced with premium, high-strength glass cords
- Gripping teeth with aramid fiber technology and high saturation HNBR elastomeric composites for exceptional durability and heat resistance
- Wear-resistant tooth jacket supported by reinforced nylon fabric and double-tooth stability

Price: $55.00

16 valve 4AGE Non interference power upgrade, cams and pistons



This is a package deal on cams and pistons for the 16 valve 4age.

It includes a set of Tomei poncams or Matrix Garage 262s.




Price: $1,050.00

Cometic Valve cover washers


qty 8
16 valve 4AGE valve cover washers.

Price: $24.00

16 valve 4AGE Distributor rebuild kit


This is a full rebuild that should work on all 16 valve 4AGEs.
Includes the cap o-ring, dizzy to block o-ring, inner oil seal, bearing and a crush pin.
Some kits use a spring pin. This is probably more user friendly and harder to mess up but if done right the crush pin will mechanically bind the gear to the shaft much better by flaring out and filling any gaps in the bore. This is nearly identical to the OEM pin.
I have started a rebuild guide here and will continue to improve it as I have time.

Price: $28.00

Gates timing belt tensioner pulley


High quality tensioner pulley. Same as OEM.
Fits largeport and smallport 4A-GE

Price: $40.00

Timing Belt

Price: $238.00

Greddy Timing Belt


Engineered to increase heat-resistance, flexibility and durability, GReddy Extreme Timing Belts reduce the chances of cracking from heat, inconsistent timing from stretching and skipping or snapping. Improvements in materials and construction lead to a more reliable belt that will be more consistent and last longer.
This timing belt will also work on a 20 valve 7AGE hybrid motor.

Price: $135.00


courtesy of webmatter.de