Toda 4AG Complete Engine


4AG (AE86 rear drive) Long Block engine expertly built and tuned by TODA Racing Japan.  The engine is built by the same skilled TODA technicians who build TODA's professional racing engines for Formula 3 and Super GT racing.  Two versions are available Stage 1 (ST1), and Stage 3 (ST3).  No Core Exchange.

  • TODA 81.25mm High Compression Piston Kit

  • TODA High Power Camshafts (ST3 version only)

  • TODA Adjustable Campulleys (ST3 version only)

  • TODA Up Rated Valve Springs

  • TODA High Power Timing Belt

  • TODA Sports Injection Kit (ST3 version only)

  • New Bearings & Engine Gasket Kit

Labor, Assembly, Machining, Balancing, etc.

  • TODA Cylinder Head Port Tuning

  • TODA Combustion Chamber Volume Equalization and Polish

  • TODA Cylinder Block Boring & Honing with Dummy Cylinder Head

  • TODA Crankshaft Dynamic Balancing and Lapping

  • TODA Connecting Rod Balancing

  • TODA Oil Pump Overhaul & Relief Pressure Adjustment


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Weight: 150 lb
Dimensions: 32 in × 16 in × 32 in

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