MG Traum collaboration pistons 4AGE 16v smallport and largeport


We used to work with Arias for our special design pistons. After Nick Arias died a lot of people left the company and we had a lot of issues with customer service, timely production and the like. Shortly after I found out the engineer we worked with at Arias had started a new company named Traum. Since we had such a good working relationship with him we decided to give Traum a shot and have experienced the same great products, service and collaborative effort we had with him while he was at Arias so we have moved to Traum for our primary piston manufacturer. These new designs are based off the same gemoetry and designs as our MG/Arias designs but Traum has given us a little more freedom and allowed us to further refine the designs. 
The biggest change is that we have made our standard shelf piston for STD size valves. This allows smaller valve pockets and a lower dome height for a given compression ratio. This lower dome height improves cylinder flow and through cylinder scavvaging. This does however mean that if you are running oversized valves you will want to make sure to check that option. 
We are trying to increase inventory of our shelf designs so if we have it on the shelf it will ship right away. If we don't have it on the shelf then it will usually take about three weeks to ship. In off season that may be a little faster and in the spring it may be a little slower. 
Semi custom designs will always be made to order. 
Our standard shelf designs will have the following specs. 
20mm floating wristpin
Wristpin thickness suitable for most NA builds and moderate boost builds
Stock 30.5mm compression height
STD valve size
 All of the above can be changed as a semi custom made to order design for a small additional fee. If the options you want aren't listed below then email us and we can likely do it. 

All of our MG collaboration pistons have had extensive design effort put into them. Using CMM or 3D scanning of the cylinder head to optimize dome geometry, valve angles and spacing, through cylinder flow, and squish and quench effect. 
The compression ratios listed would assume a completely stock motor. Stock headgasket, stock deck, unshaved head, etc. 
If you are building a motor we highly recommend as tight a squish gap as you can safely run so be sure to factor for this and other changes like shaving the deck or head. 
While we recommend always calculating your own compression ratio it becomes critically more important if you make bigger changes like shaving the head or block much, or especially if doing a stroker or destroked motor as this will drastically change the compression ratio. 

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Price: $520.00
Weight: 5 lb
Dimensions: 8 in × 8 in × 6 in

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