Over the last couple years the priorities in my life have changed. Had Matrix Garage grown big enough to hire enough employees and leave them to running it while I pursued other things I would have happily taken that route but it has generally stayed just big enough to keep me working overtime. 
I have decided to start focusing my carreer and passions elsewhere and that means that supporting the AW, AE, 4A and related communities has had to be moved much lower on the priority list. I have decided to keep the store up to provide parts that only we offer, or other things that are hard to come by elsewhere. You will notice many big name, readily available products have been taken down and we will continue to do so. It's just not worth our time trying to compete with the big corporations selling at cutthroat prices and it just takes up more of my time. 
I will try to keep providing those parts that we make or that we have developed and sell as a service to the community but understand that now this is something I do in my spare time because I don't want to leave people hanging. 
I try to make shipments and process orders at least twice a week. If you want Amazon next day shipping buy from Amazon. I will do my best to keep order time and customer service at a reasonable level but have some understanding. I am not making money on this and it takes away from my other work and other issues that are very important to me right now. 
I have always wanted to make our designs and other information open source and available to the community but to do so properly would take a lot of time making sure that models and drawings were complete, accurate, or properly described. To go through everything and make sure it was something that I felt comfortable releasing to the community. I would love to find someone who was willing to help me do this. Someone in engineering school or passionate about this to help go through 3D scans, CAD designs, and information to prepare it. If you are interested feel free to email me. 




MG-617 272 street, SC and turbo cam


272 duration
230 duration @ .050"
9.2mm lift
street NA and turbo/SC cam
A very mild 272 making this a great cam for driveability and streetaibility. The profile is great for minimizing valvetrain stress making this a good cam for motors that will be driven a lot.
This cam was designed for boosted builds but has been proven in both boosted and NA applications.
This cam does need uprated valve springs on the 16 valve. It will work with stock 20 valve springs. 
It can be made to run on the stock ECU but you will want a wideband to monitor the tune and you may need to do some fine tuning. We are happy to help guide you through this process. 
To get the most out of these cams you will need aftermarket engine management. This is true for any cam but becomes more true as cams get bigger. 
To get the most out of these cams you will also need the proper compression ratio. Without changing compression you will loose a notable amount of low end and the cams will not perform nearly as well as they should. 
 If you are unsure what you need then we are happy to discuss your build and make recommendations on a piston and compression ratio to suit your application. 
Our cams are made by TED Components. They have been making cams and building racing motors for decades and have had a heavy focus on the 4AGE making competitive cams for and building competitive motors for all levels of racing from SCCA, to ITA to Formula Atlantic. Their cams are well known in racing circles for being the highest quality and very competitive. You won't find better cams and now through Matrix Garage you won't find them at a better price.
For any new cam we recommend you run new or lapped cam caps or shims. For our cams we consider this to be mandatory and require it be done for us to even consider any warranty or guarentee of our cams.
You can buy new followers or shims, you can send them to us for professional lapping or you can do this yourself if you have the tools, capability and patients.
Here is our guide.

List price: $0.00
Price: $710.00
Weight: 10 lb
Dimensions: 24 in × 6 in × 4 in

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