Matrix Garage Non Interference piston for up to 8.2mm lift cam


These are made to order so expect 3-5 weeks to get to you.
This is a piston we have designed specifically for mild street builds to stay non interference with cams below 8.2mm max lift. 
We recommend our Matrix Garage 262 cam.
We have now made this available in a number of compression ratios. If you have any question on which you should choose please contact us to discuss your build.
This design is for stock valve diameter but you can request oversized. There will be an additional fee.
When you order please specify diameter.
Stock 81mm
 And specify wrist pin size
early motor 18mm
TRD 19mm
Late motors 20mm
These are designed for Standard size valves. Do not use them with oversized valves.
With the right components this can make a drop in setup. With the right monitoring it can make a pretty high performance setup. We always recommend the best knock monitoring you can justify. 
A great option for mild builds is a knock light.

If you have any questions or want any input on your build please contact us. We are happy to help. 

List price: $0.00


Price: $560.00
Weight: 4 lb
Dimensions: 6 in × 6 in × 6 in

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