Matrix Garage 4AGE turbo manifold


Fits all 4AGEs 16V or 20V.
These manifolds are currently made to order so please allow a couple weeks for us to complete and ship it.
This manifold should allow clearance of AC and exhaust side alternators and starters with smaller turbos. There are many variations and many different 4AGEs so if there is any question feel free to contact me.
There are a number of modifications we can do for an extra fee such as adding a different flange for different turbos, adding a flange for external wastegates or other modifications. If you want anything other than the standard manifold contact us to order.
This manifold uses a SV3power head to mani flange designed and made in the USA and machined to tolerances exceding OEM. The tubing is 11 gauge mild steel which is about twice as thick as your standard manifold. This thing should outlast any manifold on the market.
The can be ordered standard with three flanges T25/T28, MHI 3 bolt such as seen on Subarus and other TD04 type turbos, and MHI 4 bolt as seen on DSM turbos and most TD05 and TD06 style turbos. 
The flange is high quality precision cut mild steel.
Both flanges are finished to an acceptable level of flatness after welding. 
You will find cheaper manifolds on the internet. Some of them may even be shinier and some form of stainless.
You will not find a manifold that fits as well, functions as well or holds up to time and abouse as well as this manifold.

List price: $10,000.00
Price: $640.00
Weight: 10 lb
Dimensions: 24 in × 12 in × 12 in

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