Largeport SC12 superchager pulley rebuild


This is a service where you send me your supercharger pulley and I rebuild it.
This is a basic bare bones rebuild pulling the old bearing and inserting a new bearing. Inspecting the pulley and making sure it's good to go back into service.
The cost of the rebuild includes a new NSK or Nachi brand bearing.
I can bead blast the pulley for an additional $20
I can spray the pulley with truck bed liner for $20 more.
Instead of truck bed liner I can spray the pulley with ceramic coating. This is a very high temp very hard and durable coating.
For any coating I have in house it will be $40 + the cost of bead blasting. For special orders it will be an additional $15.
For now email me if you want anything other than the bare bones rebuild.
If you purchase this service send your pulley to
Matrix Garage
82 Main st
Carbondale CO
Make sure your return address or information in the box matches the name you check out with.
For any questions or if you want any services beyond the basic rebuild email me at

List price: $0.00
Price: $110.00
Weight: 3 lb
Dimensions: 6 in × 6 in × 4 in

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