Klubersynth oil for Ogura TX superchargers (1 liter)



Ogura Clutch is the manufacturer for the Toyota SC12 and SC14 superchargers.
Aside from the housing casting the SC12 and SC14 are virtually identical to the TX12 and TX15


This is the reccomended oil for the Ogura TX series chargers.

In conversations with Ogura clutch it was brought to my attention that the type of oil you use is very important. Using the wrong oil can shorten life due to added gear and bearing wear. The wrong oil can react with various metals in the gear box and cause rapid erosion. It can also react with the seals and cause them to break down and fail much more quickly.


Klübersynth oils
Synthetic gear and high temperature oils based on
KlüberComp Lube Technology

• The oils meet the requirements according to DIN 51 517 – 03, CLP. Corresponding gears
can be switched to Klübersynth oils without prior consultation provided the general
application notes are observed.
• KlüberComp Lube Technology involves the selection of high-quality raw materials and
individual consultation and services by Klüber, ensuring high-performance lubrication of
different gearbox components.
• As of ISO VG 220 the scuffing load stage API GL 5 is achieved. Gears are sufficiently
protected against scuffing even under high peak loads.
• The oils' high micropitting resistance acc. to FVA 54 IV GFT ≥ 10 offers sufficient protection
to gears that are subject to high loads and would normally be susceptible to this type
of damage.
• Good wear protection prevents premature rolling bearing failure.
• Much longer service life than mineral oils due to the excellent ageing and oxidation resistance
of the base oil; thus maintenance intervals can be extended and in certain cases
even lifetime lubrication is possible.
• Owing to the wide service temperature range a single viscosity grade can cover both low
and high temperatures in many applications.
• The optimum friction behaviour of the polyglycol base oil reduces power losses and improves
• The excellent viscosity-temperature behaviour supports the formation of a sufficient lubricating
film even at elevated and high temperatures.
• Seals made of 72 NBR 902 (except ISO VG 22), 75 FKM 585 and 75 FKM 170055 are resistant
to Klübersynth GH 6 oils. Leakage and contamination are prevented.
• Approved by Siemens (Flender), Siemens Geared Motoros, SEW Eurodrive, Getriebebau
Nord, Stöber Antriebstechnik, Lenze, ZAE Antriebstechnik, Bonfiglioli, Rossi Motoriduttori,
Motovario, Moventas, Boston Gear, Baldor and many more


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