Brian Crower 7AGE H beam rods


This rod is made by Brian Crower specifically for Matrix Garage. It is also made specifically for 7AGE builds. Unlike the 7AFE rod it will have a floating wrist pin identical to the 4AGE. This means you will be able to run 4AGE pistons or order aftermarket pistons with floating wrist pins.
This does mean that these rods will not work with stock unmodified 7AFE pistons.

They are .5mm longer than the 7AFE rods to bring them flush with the deck just like 4AGE rods.

These rods will be equivelent to the Brian Crower Sportsman rods for the 4AGE. They will come with ARP 2000 hardware. They can be special ordered with BC 625+ for higher performance applications.

The standard ARP 2000 rods are good for 8500 RPM and 600 HP.
The 625+ shoudl be able to take anything you can do with the stock crank and stock stroke.

Center to center length is 133mm

Big end bore 51mm

Small end bore 20mm (Floating wristpin)

21.8mm width on big end and small end



We can get you custom pistons that will work with these rods.


List price: $460.00
Price: $465.00
Weight: 8 lb
Dimensions: 8 in × 6 in × 4 in

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