We just had a last minute job in Europe come up and I will be out of town from Friday Nov 15th until around the end Nov or beginning of Dec.
I will be able to drop ship anything our distributors carry and will try to do so quickly. 
Brit will be able to ship anything we have on the shelf until she flies out in about a week. 
Any other orders we will try to take care of as quickly as possible once we return. 





BC Racing Coilovers RAM type

Matrix Garage is moving away from BCracing after bad experiences trying to deal with the company with various issues. One of those issues is that they advertise their coilovers for 1986  giving the impression they will work on MK1a cars but they will not. The front camber plate and the rear knuckle are different and need a different design. BCracing was unwilling to make a MK1a design. In this process we also realized their camber adjustment slots where they mount to the knuckle were oriented horizontally where the stock ones are vertical. Not only does this make the stock camber adjusters useless and make it harder to make fine camber adjustements it also makes it likely for movement under extreme cornering or jarring roads. Not only was BC unwilling to address these issues but BCracing USA was a nightmare to deal with. Their techincal support department was completely useless, didn't know anything and never responded to phone calls or emails.
I now have several custoemrs who have had similar experiences. I will still sell BCracing if you insist on going that route but if you have issues needing customer service or tech support you are on your own.

We are currently working with a couple new companies. We are still working on finding out the quality and consistency of thier products and after receiving a first order will be fine tuning their designs to better suit our desires and our customers needs. So far these companies have been far better as far as being able to supply information and for willingness to work with us on the designs. Stay tuned to our Matrix Garage facebook page for updates. We expect to be placing orders very soon.

BC Racing's inverted RAM model includes all of the great BR features and then takes it a notch higher. By using an inverted coilover system we move the vital damper fluid away from the detrimental heat sources to avoid overheating the fluid and causing damper fatigue under extreme conditions. The inverted setup also handles high-g loads better and is much more durable under stress situations, such as a race track. Another advantage is reducing unsprung weight by moving the heavy parts to the chassis mounting points. This is a great coilover for those looking to attack a race track, hill climb or tarmac rally.
- Full height adjustability through shock body not spring
- Adjustable rear camber plates on certain applications only
- 1 year warranty against manufacturer defect


List price: $1,450.00


Price: $1,225.00
Weight: 20 lb
Dimensions: 24 in × 6 in × 6 in

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