Over the last couple years the priorities in my life have changed. Had Matrix Garage grown big enough to hire enough employees and leave them to running it while I pursued other things I would have happily taken that route but it has generally stayed just big enough to keep me working overtime. 
I have decided to start focusing my carreer and passions elsewhere and that means that supporting the AW, AE, 4A and related communities has had to be moved much lower on the priority list. I have decided to keep the store up to provide parts that only we offer, or other things that are hard to come by elsewhere. You will notice many big name, readily available products have been taken down and we will continue to do so. It's just not worth our time trying to compete with the big corporations selling at cutthroat prices and it just takes up more of my time. 
I will try to keep providing those parts that we make or that we have developed and sell as a service to the community but understand that now this is something I do in my spare time because I don't want to leave people hanging. 
I try to make shipments and process orders at least twice a week. If you want Amazon next day shipping buy from Amazon. I will do my best to keep order time and customer service at a reasonable level but have some understanding. I am not making money on this and it takes away from my other work and other issues that are very important to me right now. 
I have always wanted to make our designs and other information open source and available to the community but to do so properly would take a lot of time making sure that models and drawings were complete, accurate, or properly described. To go through everything and make sure it was something that I felt comfortable releasing to the community. I would love to find someone who was willing to help me do this. Someone in engineering school or passionate about this to help go through 3D scans, CAD designs, and information to prepare it. If you are interested feel free to email me. 




AW11 motor mount set


We are transitionining to 3D printed inserts that give us the ability to have more control over flex and vibration damping characteristics. We are also working to have these files and data available to the public soon for anyone who has a 3D printer. If you would like to try printing your own let us know. 
Due to a lost package when we ordered our last batch of cast mounts we have some cast inserts that we are still working our way through so your order may be cast old style or 3D printed new style. We have been selling the 3D printed mounts for about a year now without any complaints so they seem to be holding up well. 


Available in red or black.

New style 
Made from 95A TPU high quality filament. 
Hardness is controlled by infill. Soft mounts have more air space in the middle to act softer and give more vibration dampening. Hard inserts have a very high infill with small air pockets that should still help reduce noise and vibration somewhat while still being quite stiff. 

Old style

Made from 80A polyurethane.

Soft version has pockets machined in them to allow for a little more vibration absorbtion. 

Instalation instructions here.



This is available with a 65mm pin for MK1 A or a 74mm pin for the MK1b so make sure you choose the right one.


We can do custom inserts or durometers if you need.



We recommend you send us your mounts to remove the old bushing. It can be very hard to press out.

If you choose to do it yourself it will require a press and some other tools to press out the old bushing. If you send us your core we can press the old bushing out and bond the new one in for an additional $45.
If you check out the mail in option through the store make sure to include your order number in the package you send us with your mount.


We will also ceramic coat the steel for an additional $80. Ceramic coating is not a store option. Email us if you would like to get your mounts coated whle they are here.

We recommend using The Right Stuff black gasket maker to bond these inserts into the mounts. We have added it as an option so if you already have this in your toolkit you can save a couple bucks. Or you can add on a 3 oz can as an option. 


List price: $8,000.00
Price: $180.00
Weight: 4 lb
Dimensions: 6 in × 6 in × 6 in

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