Arias Matrix Garage Collaboration New Design Pistons


We have moved to Traum pistons for our primary manufacturer. We are working on getting all our Traum offerings on the site but if you don't see what you are looking for feel free to shoot us an email. We can still get Arias but highly recommend Traum.
After several hundred hours working on refnining designs and working with Arias to ensure these pistons were designed to the best of our combined capability we are proud to introduce the new designs.
8.5:1 piston will be perfect for boosted epic hp builds where you want to push the very limits of the 4AGE. 
This piston will also give yo uabout 9.5:1 on a 7AGE hybrid. Perfect for very high HP boosted builds. 
9.5:1 piston is perfect for high horsepoer boosted builds. 
It will also put you at about 10.5:1 on a 7AGE hybrid which would be perfect for a high compression low boost build or high power E85/methonol injected build.
10.5:1 piston is perfect for high compression low boost builds or builds using E85/Methanol injection. 
On a 7AGE hybrid this will give you about 11.5:1 compression. This is a good choice for NA builds with a mild cam up to around 272 duration. It could also work on a very high comp booste build especially if used with E85 or methanol.
11.5:1 piston will pair great with NA bulids with a mild to moderate cam or can be paired with shaving the head to increase compression further.
 It could also pair well with a high compression boosted build especially if used with E85 or Methanol. 
On a 7AGE hybrid this will give you about 12.6:1 and could be used on an NA race build with big cams and agressive tune. 
12.5:1 is great for high compression moderately big cam builds. Anything over a 304 cam I would highly recommend choosing a custom piston designed around your cams. 
On a 7AGE stroker this would give you about 13.7:1 compression and would not be practical in most instances. Possibly for an NA E85 or methonal build. Again once you get into this range of performance though you are best off going with a custom piston.
8:1, 8.5:1, 10:1, 11:1, 12:1, 13:1 are semi custom options that people can choose if it would be significantly better for their build than one of the shelf sizes.
We can also do any other compression ratio for the same price. Just email us to discuss what you need.

Shelf diameter is 81.5 but we can have them made in any diameter. Common sizes are listed in the dropdown.
Shelf wristpin size is 20mm but semi customs can be made for any wristpin. Common sizes listed in the dropdown.
18mm is press fit, 19mm and 20mm will be designed to be full floating. If you need something different then please contact us.
Semi customs will take about 3-4 weeks additional to ship.
Coating adds approximately 2 weeks to ship.

List price: $0.00


Price: $520.00
Weight: 4 lb
Dimensions: 10 in × 10 in × 4 in

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