Arias 12.76:1 Piston (Old Design)


We have moved to Traum pistons for our primary manufacturer. We are working on getting all our Traum offerings on the site but if you don't see what you are looking for feel free to shoot us an email. We can still get Arias but highly recommend Traum.

This is Arias's old design. I will keep these up until I hear they are discontinued in case anyone needs replacements or has already planned their build around these pistons. If you are planning a new build though I suggest you check out the pistons labled (New Design) as they are greatly improved. 



This is advertised by Arias as 10.7:1 but their numbers are off.
Below is a chart of compression ratios for quick refrence however it's always best to calculate your own for your build.

Head Combustion chamber volume Piston Manufacturer compression ratio rating

deck clearance

Negative if above deck

Heagasket thickness

Calculated compression ratio Squish gap  
16 valve 4age 36cc Arias AP331669 8:1 -.0054 1.2mm 8.16 1.2054  
.8mm 8.44 .80054
8.6:1 .274 1.2 9.36 1.474  
.8 9.74 1.074
9:1 .274 1.2 10.01 1.474  
.8 10.46 1.074


10.7 .274 1.2 12.08 1.474  
.8 12.76 1.074


List price: $0.00


Price: $480.00
Weight: 4 lb
Dimensions: 6 in × 6 in × 4 in

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