Aisin oil pump (Fits all largeport, smallport and Silvertop)


Aisin is the OE manufacturer for the 4AGE oil pump and water pump. These are the best replacement you can get.

All of Aisin oil pumps are engineered in conjunction with automobile makers during the initial stages of new model vehicle development, years before they enter the market. Using the exact process of development and utilizing the same original equipment manufacturing plants for production, Aisin aftermarket oil pumps exhibit the same quality, durability, performance, and reliability to that of the original equipment product. Aisin oil pumps deliver ideal oil pressure to the engine without creating excess load, lubricating critical components to extend the life of the engine. Aisin is a leader in the development and production of high-quality original equipment matched components and systems for the automotive industry.

For some time there have been rumors that the AIsin pump did not have the high volume gears that the later Toyota pumps have.
We have disproven this myth and have confirmed the new Aisin pumps do have the thicker gears.
We used to offer a service to inspect the gears to make sure it is a high volume pump but after many years and dozens and dozens of inspections we have never seen a small gear. It is most likely that the small gear pumps were actually sold under a different part number and people just didn't realize it.
Any way you cut it we are confident there is no concern with getting a low volume pump.
For more info on 4AGE oil pump gears follow the link

We are offering a porting service now though. The oil pumps do suffer from cavitation and proper porting can improve flow and reduce cavitation. This becomes more important as the motor spends more itme at higher RPM. As of right now pumps are ported as ordered so it may add a few days to the ship time.

We will also install a Toda high performance oil pump gear at the same time of porting as well. This is generally not needed unless it is a very high reving race build. If you are regularly reving above 8500 RPM or spending much time at all above 9000 you probably want to run this gear at the very least. 

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Price: $85.00
Weight: 2 lb
Dimensions: 6 in × 6 in × 6 in

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