7AFE, 4AFE, 7AGE 6 bolt flywheel



After a long wait the new 6 bolt flywheels are finally here. This is a 6 bolt flywheel that will fit the 4AFE, 7AFE and other 6 bolt A series cranks.

Most lightweight flywheels use the 200mm clutches but we wanted to make a setup that could take more torque and dissipate more heat so we went with the later 212mm 4AGE diameter.

This flywheel weighs 3.6 KG making this one of the lightest flywheels out there. This is slightly offset by the larger diameter clutch which will add a little more weight and moment of inertia than the smaller 200mm clutch. It is also primarily designed for the 7A crank which is heavier and has a greater moment of inertia so we wanted to make this clutch as light as possible to keep the 7A feeling like a light rev happy 4A.

We now offer two styles, one with 6 bolts for most NA builds and light boosted builds and another version with 6 additional holes for higher RPM or higher power builds. These holes are designed for m6 x 1 socket head cap screws (allen wrench) which are countersunk to clear the flywheel bolts. For high power builds these give you more clamping force than the 8 bolt flywheels. This design is much better than the dowels that are sometimes used on 6 bolt flywheels. Dowels are not designed to have force applied to them and don't hold much torque. Clamping force is what keeps a flywheel from moving and these bolts add a lot of clamping force.

These flywheels are rated for and balanced to 10,000 RPM. They can quite likely be spun higher but if you are doing that kind of build you should be spending more than this on your clutch anyway.

At which point you should upgrade to the additional holes is a judgement call depending on a number of variables but if you are using ARP hardware the 6 bolt design should pretty easily hold 250+ HP and likely quite a lot more. If you are going for big power or pushing the revs you may consider the 6+6 version. 

It is recommended to use a manual or CNC mill to make the additional holes for the additional bolts however the kit includes drill bushings that will allow a trained professional to drill and tap the threads by hand. It will also include the additional M6 bolts. 

List price: $0.00
Price: $250.00
Weight: 8 lb
Dimensions: 12 in × 12 in × 1.5 in

courtesy of webmatter.de