4AGE 16V/20V Exhaust Header Flange Mild Steel


Laser-cut flange fits 16V and 20V Toyota 4AGE heads. Ideal for building your own tubular header or turbo manifold.

Pipe holes are 1.38", will accept 1 3/8" OD tubing; holes also match the ID of most 1.5" OD tubing.

Unique figure-8 and individual bolt holes give more contact area, more clamping force, consistent gasket sealing, greater reliability. Staggered bolt hole sizes, as used on OEM manifold, allow for heat expansion, minimize shear stress on exhaust manifold studs. 20V engines may require trimming of the header flange, cylinder head water outlet, or blockoff plate.

Material is 3/8" mild steel. Why not stainless? Polished stainless looks pretty, but mild steel warps less during welding, is easier to straighten, easier to machine. Mild steel also has less tendency than stainless to distort at very high temperatures, making it the better choice for weld-el (steam pipe) turbo manifold construction.

Cheap Chinese knockoff parts are shiny but that doesn't indicate quality. When it comes to performance parts, it is possible to polish a turd. Don't put a shiny turd on your car.

Like all SV3Power products, this flange fits like OEM and is made in the USA. Why settle for less?

List price: $0.00
Price: $54.00
Weight: 2.6 lb
Dimensions: 24 in × 6 in × 2 in

courtesy of webmatter.de