1985-1989 TOYOTA MR2 Aluminum Radiator


This radiator is a direct fit replacement radiator for the 1985-1989 Toyota MR2.  Your factory fan/shroud assembly will bolt up perfectly to this radiator.  The factory sensor will work in this radiator.  The radiatoe will mount into the factory radiator mounts with NO modification.
 This radiator is 100% aluminum, is 100% Tig welded, and is epoxy free!
The core on the OEM rad was made of 2 rows of 1/2" brass tubes (1.25" thick core). This radiator has 1 row if 1.5" tubes, resulting in 50% more coolant volume in the core and 30% more cooling surface area than the OEM.
This radiator is special order and may need to be made before it is shipped.

List price: $0.00
Price: $529.00
Weight: 15 lb
Dimensions: 36 in × 6 in × 28 in

courtesy of webmatter.de