16 valve 4AGE Non interference power upgrade, cams and pistons



This is a package deal on cams and pistons for the 16 valve 4age.

It includes a set of Tomei poncams or Matrix Garage 262s.




This package originally was developed around the Tomei Poncams however after having many issues with their availabiliy and being out of stock for months on end we decided to try to source our own and started talking to a cam maker who has specialized in 4AGE cams and performance builds for many decades and worked out a killer deal with them so we could offer high end cams for a competitive price. Our cams are a little more but we truly believe they are better. In fact we have a smaller markup on our cam just to try to make them as competitive as possible with the Poncams and would still rather sell you ours even though we make less money off of it.
Even though the Poncam is advertised as a 264 and ours a 262 our cam has significantly more duration at .050" and 1mm and just slightly more lift at 8.2 vs 8.1mm. This will give our cam better top end power without sacrificing low end power as long as it's accompanied by proper compression. We generally recommend running about 0.2 higher compression on the MG cam.

Choosing the correct compression is a very critical part of the build so if you have any question feel free to contact us to discuss your build.


The pistons are designed by Matrix Garage specifically for these cams and we have just recently changed it so you can choose your compression ratio.  These will be non interference with any cam under 8.2mm lift and with a .8mm- 1mm headgasket which is what we recommend running on this setup.

They maximize squish area using as much of the combustion chamber as possible as squish.

We still recommend you inspect the valve to piston clearance on your motor once assembled if remaining non interference is a high priority. There is always the chance that something could be off or not machined to spec so it's always best to check.


Standard diameter is 81.5mm and standard wristpin is 20mm for the later 42mm 4AGE crank and either stock 20/42 rods or most aftermarket rods. If you need anything other than this then please make a comment at checkout and also email us to make sure we know. 

These pistons are made to order so expect 3-5 week lead time.

This is the best bang for the buck upgrade you will find for the NA 4age and will push the limits of what we consider practical for any motor that isn't restricted by racing limitiations. If you want more than this we highly recommend boost or increased displacement.

This kit is meant to drop in and be safe on the stock ECU without modification. With that said there are other variables like octane, stock vs aftermarket engine management, and whether you are running a wideband or knock monitoring that will effect which piston you want to get.

Again if you are at all unsure about what to get please contact us.

With a wideband and knock monitoring you should really be able to push the limits of this setup.

We have a wide array of good electronics available.





Here is a copy of a customers dyno running Poncams, 11.2 compression, wideband, detcan and with some mild tuning on the stock ECU on his AW11 MR2.

Unfortunately we don't have a dyno of our cam yet but it should give just a little more peak power.

List price: $0.00
Price: $1,050.00
Weight: 10 lb
Dimensions: 18 in × 12 in × 12 in

courtesy of webmatter.de