We just had a last minute job in Europe come up and I will be out of town from Friday Nov 15th until around the end Nov or beginning of Dec.
I will be able to drop ship anything our distributors carry and will try to do so quickly. 
Brit will be able to ship anything we have on the shelf until she flies out in about a week. 
Any other orders we will try to take care of as quickly as possible once we return. 





16 valve 4AGE Coil pack bracket


For those goign distributorless ignition this bracket gives you a convienent mounting solution for an aftermarket coil pack.
The mount does not come drilled for the coil pack. For an additional fee I can tap holes if you get me the hole pattern and mounting location. Otherwise you can drill it out yourself for the specific coil you are using.
Could also be used to mount anything else you may need to. Made out of 1/8" aluminum so they are very strong.
These are made to order so allow a week to ship.

List price: $800.00
Price: $60.00
Weight: 1 lb
Dimensions: 2 in × 4 in × 6 in

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