What we do

Matrix Garage started out as a small custom fab, prototyping and R&D shop. Personal passion, knowledge experience and customer demand has continued to narrow our focus to mostly specializing in aftermarket parts, custom parts, tuning and racing development for the 4AGE engine. Our customer base ranges from people with modest street builds to high level racing teams. We offer products and services on an international level and have customers around the globe. 

Despite being a fairly small niche market the 4AGE has a very loyal and devoted customer base. It is our mission to continue development and support for this motor and to keep it technologically competitive against much newer more advanced platforms. This is not an easy task but fortunately the 4AGE is a very robust platform with a lot of potential.

We specialize in metric design, fabrication and manufacturing. We are familiar and capable using standard but it is not our preferred system. We like metric and prefer to use it whenever possible.




Custom made

Intake manifolds

Intake piping


Small scale production




Mechanical design

Part design and fabrication

Experienced in
Solid edge

Light engineering





4AGE build consulting

Custom piston design

Whatever your needs we can help you put together a build that will meet your budget and your expectations.



Turbo manifold

Oil pan modification

12 AN Oil drain line





Mig and TIG


Stainless Steel






Matrix Garage specializes in design, R&D protyping and small scale manufacturing. 
When it becomes more cost effective to find a manufacturing specialist take on higher volume projects or projects outside of our capability we have many resources at our disposal.


We have access to a number of high quality manufacturers both in the US and overseas so we can find the specialist that best suits your needs.

Some of these services include machining, casting of metal, plastic and rubber, welding and fabrication, composites, wood machining, furniture making and just about anything else you can imagine.


We do CAD design in house.



machining and metal manufacturing both in house and outsourced



Welding and metal fab



Thermoplastic composites



Wood and furniture



Industrial Sewing and fabric goods manufacturing

3D printing, rapid prototyping, plastic and rubber manufacturing





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