We need parts and stuff for R&D.

Here I will keep an updated list of parts we are looking for for R&D.


AW11 suspension components.
I want to start developing a quality coilover kit for the AW11 that will utilize either Koni Yellows or another high quality off the shelf shock.

I need front and rear MK1a and MK1b strut tubes along with any other suspension pieces I can get my hands on.
If you are interested in coilovers then hit me up especially if you have components that I can use to get dimensions from.



I want to get a full gasket set made for the silvertop and blacktop 20v.

I don't have the money to buy two complete OEM gasket sets right now though. If you have old gaskets that are dimensionally healthy or if you have any unused gaskets that you could send us that would be great. I am looking for any and all 20v gaskets.



I would love 20 valve heads. Even if they are damaged they will be very useful in studying combustion chambers, port design, valve design and so on. They would also be used for designing pistons so we can offer the most refined piston topography available.

Looking for both silvertop and blacktop heads.


Any bottom end components, rods, cranks, most especially pistons. Very interested in collecting all 4AGE pistons to study. Interested in aftermarket or OEM.


We are working on a very tight budget so any support is greatly appreciated. If something is worth it I will consider giving some money for it. I will pay shipping and I can also offer discounts on parts and services as some compensation.

Hit me up if you have anything that might help us develop new and better parts for the 4AGE.




Other parts I'm looking for but wouldn't spend more than shipping on.


Distributors NA and GZE.



Axles NA and GZE


I can throw in a little extra store discount in exchamnge or use them as a core return credit.














courtesy of webmatter.de