Sponsorship oppertunities

Over the last year we have started getting more into supporting race teams and helping and advising on builds that must fit a racing class or other specified requirements.
We have worked out a couple sponsorship kind of deals with a couple customers but haven't pushed the idea much.
We have decided it should prove mutually beneficial to open this up and start a more official sponsorship program.
Since we are a small company, for now we will be limiting the max sponsorship potential to be parts at around our cost. This will also take a little effort to achieve.
We will be implimeting a tier system where you start out with a small discount on parts and services.
From there earning a higher tier will depend on how you represent us online, at the track and in social situations.
We don't want people spamming or whoring our name.
We are looking for positive representation online and out and about.
Here are some things that will positively effect your sponsorship status
Build threads mentioning our name and involvement as well as giving us a place to publicly interact and participate in the build.
Mention of our name for products and services in threads or online media when it is appropriate and tasteful.
Customers mentioning your name when making purchases
Pictures of your vehicle at racing or other competitive events, you placing or winning something, dyno results and the like. The more we have influenced the performance and results the more points you get.
Pictures of your vehicle at meets or other public exposure with our name represented. Due to our primary customer base the more AW11s, AE86s and 4AGE powered vehicles in the picture the better. 
Good high quality pictures representing us that we have permission to use in marketing, advertising, on our website, facebook and other.
Ideal and most rewarded candidates will be those who are competing in racing events, car shows and other events but we are all about supporting our community so if you are dedicated to what you do, have a unique build that gets attention and visibility or if you can otherwise convince us that it will be mutually beneficial to help you out then it's likely we can fit you in at least in some lower level of support.
If you would like to apply then shoot us an email with as much detail as possible about your car,
Anything previously mentioned above will benefit your cause.
Build threads
Event pics
Meet pics
Car community involvement both online and in real life
Awards, medals and other recognition for your achievements
How many projects do you have?
what you are doing to them?
what events and classes you compete in?
what your future plans?
What are your current mods?
What are your planned future mods?
Send requests to yoshimitsuspeed@matrixgarage.com

courtesy of webmatter.de