AW11 conversion of C60, C160 and other FWD transmissions

Ultimately I hope to do a long detailed writeup on this process but as time is limited for now I am going to link to another page that has enough info to get by for now.
There are different ways to do this conversion and different ways use different parts and have different requirements.
The process that this kit is designed for is outlined pretty well here.


The how to use the kit is on the second page here.


The other links referred to in that thread.


Suggested part numbers. Please note that these are not my instructions or part numbers. They are just copied from the links.

You will need

c160 gearbox complete with selector assembly.

c60 parts, with Toyota part numbers (assembly number in brackets) :
selector shaft : p/n 33261-20080 (33261C)
inner no 1 shift lever: p/n 33252-20060 (33251A) Correction: part# 33251-20060
inner no 2 shift lever : p/n 33252-20030 (33252A)
shift interlock plate : p/n 33266-20030 (33266C)
oil seal : p/n 90310-15002 (33261H)
dust boot : p/n 33531-17010 (33531B)
spring #1 : p/n 90501-16167 (33276F)

I also purchased a new end cap, but you could modify the c160 one by welding a cap on it.
selector end cover : p/n 33506-20280 (33528B)


For my kit and seal retainer the important components are

oil seal : p/n 90310-15002 (33261H)
dust boot : p/n 33531-17010 (33531B)

My kit is designed to work with these parts and has only been tested with these parts.

The seal adapter kit including seals can be purchased here.

These are currently made to order so it may take up to two weeks to ship but one week is more likely.


The adapter boring kit can be rented. You will have to email us to setup payment.
Rental is currently $100 plus a $300 deposit that you will get back once the kit is returned in good condition.


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