AW11 coilover and shock testing

We have our first shock dyno in. I will continue to add content and update this as time allows.

We decided to start with Koni yellows as they have long been considered the benchmark for performance in the AW11 world.
I was going to send them a front and rear until I realized the front I had gotten was the sealed type with no gland nut. We will be sending them a front soon and when that happens will also get testes for a front yellow and F&R Tokico HP/blues.

This first dyno is a rear Koni Yellow 8641-1072.

There is a surprising amount of adjustment in the first 1/16th turn of the valve. You can see the adjustment is very non linear.
I will also post the dyno testers comments below. This is not someone who has any special understanding of the AW11 or it's handling characteristics but does have a good understanding of shocks and their performance.


The graph shows compression on the top and rebound on the bottom. The setting start a -0 (full closed firm position) to -1 7/8 (full soft), and there are no detents the numbers are turns -1/16 turn, -1 ½ turns etc. of the knob from the full firm position. I tried – ½ first and saw the wide gap, so I backed up the -1/16 and the change is consistent. On these shocks when bleed is added there is a big change then it becomes consistent. Our experience is that Koni’s has a numb feel when steering and I would expect the same with these. We have found the if you have more low speed compression (1 to 4 ips range) the ride doesn’t suffer and it makes the steering response crisp.

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